FROM VAB TO FAB – Announcing a Change of Name

May 6, 2010

After some thought, research, and testing, I have decided to change the name of the multi-talent VAB (Virtual Advisory Board) to FAB (Flash Advisory Board).

The word ‘virtual’, meaning ‘online, Internet-based’, was somewhat misleading, as we all come together in one place rather than linking up on the Web. On the other hand, the word ‘flash’ (from ‘Flash Mob’: where a group assembles, performs a task or event together, and then disperses) seems more appropriate to what actually happens. As those who have already taken part will know, an invited group of professionals/experts from my network meet up at an agreed location to pool their creative thinking and offer solutions to a business-owner’s challenge.

So, from today (6th May, 2010) the multi-talent VAB becomes the FAB or Flash Advisory Board!


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