multi-talent Creativity Centres

Discover and express your hidden, creative talents.

Workshops and events offer communities and corporate clients the chance to explore Creativity. Special emphasis on developing and applying Creative Thinking skills.

Many public buildings have spare capacity and can be turned into a Creativity Centre. Motivation and inspiration develop fast to the benefit of all members of the community and to businesses in tough times.

Research and Development

The first experimentation took place in the late 90’s with workshops which encouraged the creative talents and the confidence of individuals and organisations to come to the surface.

International R&D

This pioneering phase involved working with companies and their teams, with homeless young people, with students of creativity and with senior citizens. Research and Development has been conducted in Austria, Portugal, Spain, as well as Ireland

Bottom-line Benefits

The results showed that discovering and giving expression to hidden, untapped creative talents is good not only for the business bottom- line, but for corporate team-members themselves, and for communities.

Combining Creativity, Communication and Confidence

Contributing and sharing these new ideas with confidence needs communication skills too, so multi-talent brings together the three – creativity, communication, and confidence-building – to benefit organisations and individuals.


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