October 15, 2010

On Wednesday, 14th October, I launched an initiative called:

Citizens ‘THINK-IN’, Thursdays 5.30-7.30pm

at FRANK McKENNA’s Pub, George’s Place, Dun Laoghaire (behind St. Michael’s Hospital, at the junction with Wellington Street)

These are the details on the flyer which awaits you when you enter McKenna’s Lounge:

“This Citizens ‘THINK-IN’ (CTI) is a grassroots initiative with the aim of:

  • creating a regular, weekly social and networking event for the local community
  • encouraging employment through sharing Opps (opportunities offered and sought)
  • bringing extra custom to Frank McKenna’s Pub


All opinions expressed during the CTI are the property of each individual. The organiser takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed.

Please note:

  • The collection of a contribution of €2,50 per person towards the cost of the Tapas entitles each contributor to take part in the Weekly TAM Draw (the current prize is a ‘Pizza for two’ at the local Milano Restaurant).
  • All drinks, like the opinions expressed, are the responsibility of each individual.
  • To reserve a 1-MINUTE RANT or 2-MINUTE PROMO slot, please talk to the host-facilitator for the next CTI, in advance.

A ‘RANT’ is defined as a call for something to be changed. It works best if the ranter adds a suggestion as to how this might happen.
A ‘PROMO’ is a plug for something deserving everyone’s attention and support.

5.30pm Welcome, including the first round of Tapas
5.45pm First 1-MINUTE RANT
6.15pm First 2-MINUTE PROMO
6.45pm Second 1-MINUTE RANT
7.15pm Second 2-MINUTE PROMO
7.30pm DRAW of the weekly TAM (Tapas at McKenna’s) Prize

Organiser: Alec Taylor Email: alectaylor@multi-talent.eu.com Tel: 087-6460399”

The results of this opening event were very encouraging:

  • There were sixteen of us
  • Five women, eleven men
  • Including one Canadian, one Singaporean, one Brit
  • Average age 50 plus…”solid oak, good for the foundations”
  • No students, this time. But they will be coming…
  • Woman from Sandyford won the Draw for the TAM (Tapas at McKenna’s) Prize of two free Pizzas at the Milano Restaurant opposite the Dart Station in Dun Laoghaire
  • One Opp (opportunity) offered, and one Opp sought on the Opps Board. This needs to develop its potential…
  • Tapas seemed to go down well. They were supplemented by homemade sandwiches made by Arthur McKenna, the publican. Thanks, Arthur.
  • There were two RANTS (Estate agents, and the Papacy)
  • There were two PROMOS (intro to the TAM event, and the role of Creativity – in Business and Education, especially at Primary level)

Not too bad for a first-off happening, but needs to get into its stride.
Please note…..

The next TAPAS AT McKENNA’S is on Thursday, 21st October (and each following Thursday) at 5.30-7.30pm.

Please feel welcome to come and bring a friend.
See you then…


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