“Taking part in a multi-talent Workshop was, for me, like a breath of fresh air. Opportunities to create, make, play, are all too few in this serious time and to be given the possibility to enjoy all these things in my local theatre was an added bonus. multi-talent offers well organised carefully structured and professionally facilitated workshops for anyone looking to flex those creative muscles.”

Jean O’Dwyer, Former Director of the Abbey Theatre’s Outreach/Education Department

From the Blog of Paul Corney, Managing Partner at SPARKNOW, on the subject of using the multi-talent Consultancy service called the VAB:

“Alec Taylor…has developed the concept of the Virtual Advisory Board (VAB): a group of multi-talented people that gets together over a weekend to provide advice and ideas to business owners….we were briefed on, and had researched, the business and the market before arriving on Friday… Saturday sees us interviewing the owner of the business about her aspirations and concerns … later our animated dinner conversation throws up countless ideas …the fact that we are following a process Alec devised (Brain Surfing) helps to keeps us focused and looking forward to Sunday and Filtering and Fixing our output towards the point at which our ideas for the business get presented … five ideas gain credence and the VAB gets to work on polishing them …. each member of the VAB presents an option with gusto … including the innovative use of web technology…our final dinner conversation was of experiences shared, new friends, reunion plans, and the potential of the newest social collaboration technology being used to keep the legacy of one of the oldest crafts alive.”