Be a Busker


People of any age, possibly with little or no musical knowledge or experience.


To experiment with a range of different music-styles in the context of a band aiming to busk in the street, using karaoke equipment as well as live instruments.  The emphasis is put on:

  • Getting up and playing right away
  • Sorting out the singers and the instrumentalists
  • Working on performance skills
  • Developing dance-routines to go with the music
  • Refining and polishing a repertoire


The workshop is based on splitting the group up into two or more bands (4/5 people each) and rehearsing separately with instruments and karaoke equipment.  In the afternoon there is a concert at which the bands perform in front of each other.

The songs include:

  • Singing with live instruments only
  • Singing backed by karaoke equipment
  • Styles of music right across the spectrum
  • Creating movement and dance


At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to:

  • Perform in front of other people
  • Enjoy singing, using dance-routines, and playing instruments
  • Bring out the rhythm, music and voice inside themselves
  • Work in time and in harmony with others


ONE DAY  (09.00 – 17.30 with a one-hour lunch-break)