Tell Your Story

People of any age, level of education and experience

To explain to the public at large, in simple dramatic language, the news and information you want to get across

The emphasis is put on

  • Building a partnership with the Media
  • Wrapping your story in a telling package
  • Introducing colour and drama
  • Touching the hearts and minds of the audience
  • Speaking the language of ordinary people

The workshop is based on different types of Media interview, followed by analysis and feedback. Participants work both in pairs, and on their own. Feedback is followed by trying out the new insights and skills learned.

The interviews include:

  • Talking about yourself
  • Giving a message in three minutes
  • Handling hostile questions

At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to:

  • Look right on camera and sound right on microphone
  • Cope with nerves and remain calm
  • Gain maximum impact for your message
  • Reach out and touch the viewers/listeners/readers
  • Build a good relationship with journalists

One Day 09.00 – 17.30, with a one-hour lunch-break