Ignition Workshops

The following workshops are offered by multi-talent

Creative Thinking
Test and develop your creative thinking and boost your confidence in trying out new ideas.
Present Your Message
Presenting With Impact
Add drama, colour, and a persuasive structure to the way you present your message and engage with your audience.
Tell Your Story
Talking Through The Media
Offer the human dimension to your story.  Connect with viewers, readers, and listeners by illustrating with words and images.
Speak Your Passion
Motivating The Audience
Project your full personality and move the hearts and minds of the big audience.  Create a strong presence and performance.
Play Act
Explore your ability to portray the feelings of someone very different from yourself through improvisation.
Move Free
Dance and Movement
Try out your dance-routines, plus a bit of free movement, and create your own choreography.
Get Writing
Writing Skills
Experiment with the written word in order to express your inner life and your observations of the outside world.
Making Music
Street Musician Skills
Play, sing, and dance in a band as you give full expression to your sense of rhythm and emotion.
Sketch It, Draw It, Paint It
Be a cartoonist, doodle your thoughts and feelings, and get into colour and composition.